Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to audition for a space in The Total Tubist?

No audition is necessary. Simply submit the on-line registration form on our website and make payment through the secure portal to complete your enrollment for The Total Tubist.

What if I can't make the scheduled class?

All The Total Tubist classes will be recorded and made available for all participants to view on
The Total Tubist Facebook page for 2 weeks. If you miss a class, you will still be able to view the session during that 2 week period.

Do I need to enroll in the entire 5 month program?

Participants may choose to enroll for any month-long session, or for any combination of months. Students enrolling for the entire 5-month course receive a substantial discount.


Who will be teaching the classes?

All regularly scheduled classes are taught by John DiCesare or Craig Knox. Some special guest sessions may also be included. CLICK HERE for a detailed 5-month schedule.


Is The Total Tubist just a series of instructional videos?

The Total Tubist classes are all taught LIVE on Zoom. Participants will be able to ask questions and interact with the instructors during the session.

How long are the classes?

All classes will be a minimum of 1 hour but could be longer.

Should I have my tuba with me during classes?

Students are encouraged to have their instruments with them during class, and to play along with the instructor while muted on Zoom. However, students will still be able to benefit from the instruction without their instruments. 

Will I have to play in front of the class?

There will be opportunities in some The Total Tubist classes for some of the students to play for the class and receive feedback from the instructor. No student will be required to play in front of the class at any time. 

I'm not on Facebook, can I still do The Total Tubist?

You don't need to be on Facebook to participate in The Total Tubist. There is a The Total Tubist Facebook page which will be used to store archived recordings of each class, but participants can attend all classes in real time via Zoom without a Facebook account. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent submit an on-line form acknowledging the use of the Facebook page by
The Total Tubist, and giving permission for the student to use it if they choose to.

Do I need a Zoom account to attend The Total Tubist classes?

You do not need to have a Zoom account in order to attend The Total Tubist classes. Participants will receive a Zoom link prior to each class, which will allow them to connect with the session via any web browser.

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