The Total Tubist mission is to provide a safe and supportive online learning forum that welcomes tuba players of varied levels and backgrounds, in order to share knowledge and practical tools that will allow each student to make concrete progress towards his or her personal and career goals as a player and musician.


The Total Tubist program utilizes a regular schedule of on-line group instructional sessions, seminars, and masterclasses to create a comprehensive course of study for the serious tuba player. The program is best suited for advanced high school students, college students, and young professionals who aspire to a career in music, although serious amateurs will benefit as well. Each month includes a minimum of 11 hours of live instructional content. The Total Tubist is an ideal supplement for a college or high school music curriculum. All online sessions are recorded and can be viewed on the participant's schedule for 2 weeks following each class.

Weekly Fundamental Classes  

(4 monthly) are the backbone of the course, in which the instructor will demonstrate and discuss the concepts and approaches needed to develop excellent playing technique on the tuba. Participants will receive a PDF packet of the material to be covered prior to each class, so that they can play along with the instructor. The live Zoom format allows for questions and interaction during the session.


Topics may include:

  • Group Warm-Up Long Tones/Lip Slurs/Scales

  • Tone Production Basics

  • Mouthpiece Buzzing

  • Embouchure Basics

  • Low Register

  • High Register

  • Articulation

  • Warm-Up vs. Fundamental Development

  • Productive Use of Etude and Method Books

Weekly Repertoire Classes
(4 monthly) will focus on important repertoire from the standard solo literature, as well as orchestral and band works, and common audition excerpts. Each week, the instructor will take the class through a systematic approach to learning, practicing, and performing these important pieces. The live Zoom format allows for questions and interaction during the session.


Topics may include:

  • Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto

  • John Williams Tuba Concerto

  • Penderecki Cappricio

  • Gregson Concerto

  • Common Orchestral and Band Excerpts

  • Upcoming solo competition repertoire (e.g. Falcone Competition)

  • Upcoming professional audition lists

  • College audition repertoire

  • Solo Bach and other transcribed music

Special Topic Seminars
(2 monthly) are an opportunity for in-depth exploration of a wide-range of important aspects of playing, musicianship, and career development. The live Zoom format allows for questions and interaction during the session.

Topics may include:

  • Breathing Class

  • Audition Preparation

  • Practice Hacks

  • Performance Optimization

  • Addressing Performance Anxiety

  • Mock Auditions

  • Phrasing and Interpretation

  • Starting a Brass Quintet

  • Freelance Careers

  • Programming and Preparing a Recital

  • Guest Lectures and Masterclasses

Q&A w/ Craig & John 

In this once-monthly session Craig Knox and John DiCesare will be available together in a live Zoom session, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions relating to playing, practicing, performing, and creating a successful career as a tuba player. Live and interactive, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion!